Business Really Need A Mobile App?

No one is seriously convinced that the mobile web is the future. We crossed the point at which a business could randomly ignore mobile users a few years ago. Today, if you are not mobile friendly, you have problems.

But what does it mean to be mobile friendly? There are two options: native mobile apps or mobile web. Native mobile applications have many advantages over the mobile web: access to device hardware, easy push notifications and improved performance. But, when I chose my company’s mobile strategy, we were all connected to the web. Why we made this choice can help you think about whether your business really needs a mobile app.

If we ask users to install an app, that would be a very good reason. Good reasons include the actual need for device features such as camera or accelerometer access, or the need for graphical capabilities available only for native applications.

If user-friendly functionality cannot be implemented on the web, you have a good reason to build a mobile app. Let me stress the “benefit of the user”. If the only benefit to your company is then trying to get the user to install the app on your phone is a bit awkward.

Here’s the thing: almost everything that most business wants to do via an app is possible on the modern mobile web. Modern front end and back end web technologies, when combined with responsive design techniques, provide us with everything we need to create a powerful experience for our customers, regardless of the use they make. Please.

Clients from my company visit us through the web. If we have created an app, it is unlikely that we will create a new business through the App Store. The web is how our clients find us, and the web is where they want to do business with us. This is not just true of my business – it is true of most businesses on the web.

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