The world’s most famous rivers, where gold is still found

Gold reserves are found in most of the world’s rivers, and they contain mixed gold particles. There are still many rivers in the world under the geological process where gold particles and large lumps have been found.

The gold rush began in the 19th century and is now over, but there are still some riverine places in the world where ordinary people can find gold. There are many such rivers in the United States, and on some shores ordinary people can try their luck for a golden treasure for a small fee.

Earlier, the largest gold bar in California was discovered by an ordinary person. Many of the world’s rivers are still famous for their gold. The list includes several American rivers.

Red Gold Mine, Charlotte, USA

The story of the Red Gold Mine in the United States is also very interesting. In 1799, Conrad Reid, an amateur adventurer, passed by and saw a piece of gold. When it was lifted, it weighed 17 pounds (7.5 kg).

People still come to the Red Gold Mine and try their luck, and some of the lucky ones get gold particles.

Crow Creek, Alaska, USA

There is a half-mile area in the cold state of Alaska where ordinary people go and try their luck. In this regard, the soil is sifted through a fine sieve and thus small and large particles of gold are found. Goldfish are more likely to be found in underwater areas at Crock Creek.

River America, California, USA

The search for gold in the American River began in 1848. Traces of it were first found at Coloma, on the banks of the river. At two locations on the American River, ordinary people are generally allowed to sift the soil and find gold. Although there is no record of the amount of gold found here, a large number of people are still trying their luck.

Roy Peach, Nevada, USA

This area is located near the Mahoba hills. Special shaped gold particles can be found here. Beautifully shaped gold particles are bought hand in hand by collectors.

It should be noted that gold particles are found in the soft soil here. People try their luck here with sieves and metal detectors. This place is allowed to carry and carry gold from government lands.

Klandike River, Yakun, Canada

One such place is Bonanza Creek (formerly known as Rabbit Creek). Gold was first found here in 1896. Since this area is very large and suitable, a large number of people come here to try their luck.

Gold can only be mined here from an area that is under federal control. If a place is under the influence of local people or tribes, permission must first be sought from them. The locals are called First Nation People here.

River Aero Otago, New Zealand

Finding gold is a good hobby in New Zealand. There are many gold reserves in this country. The city of Otago in the South Island of New Zealand is famous for its international Otago University. The aero rivers here are famous for their precious yellow particles.

A small area, Airtown, is the best place to find gold, and interestingly, the government encourages people to try their luck. A large number of locals come here in search of gold.

Elvo River, Italy

Gold particles are found in the Elo River in Piedmont, Italy. People on public lands can find gold particles here. If you have found 5 grams of gold, you can keep it without telling anyone. The government will have to be informed about the gold received in excess.

Gilgit, Baltistan, Pakistan

Gold particles are found in the Gilgit River in Pakistan. Even today, people here look for gold particles and sometimes they find large particles.

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