The fastest machine making 300 pies in an hour

A restaurant solutions company name “Picnic” has developed a special pizza machine that can produce 12 inches of orderly 300 pizzas in just one hour.

The Pizza Robot will be presented next year in Las Vegas at an exhibition of electrical products developed by the Picnic Company. This sophisticated robot is primarily designed to meet the needs of a large number of people, which was tested in October this year.

Despite such excellent and fast performance, it does not occupy much space and uses artificial intelligence and deep learning for its work. The whole system stands on its own bill like a refrigerator and does not require special installation.

In addition to pizza, the robot can also prepare thick bread, shawarma bread, buns and jelly-filled pies. For this, the robot will have to give special instructions and the necessary accessories in its system will be poured. According to the company, the robot can be very useful for pizza shopping centers, small shops and temporary kitchens.

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