Real Estate Company in Calgary, Canada

Today we introduce a company that has valuable history in the Real Estate industry. Located in Calgary, Canada. This company is like nobody else, this is the one of famous Real Estate Company is Mainstreet.

Since it was founded in 2000, Mainstreet has specialized in middle market rental properties in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. It fixes properties, improves operational efficiencies, and then provides residents with comfortable and affordable housing.

The ad value business model of Mainstreet has been remarkably consistent over the last 20 years. The firm generally looks for multi-national rental buildings in the mid-market offering less than 100 units. Unlike the high altitude features, there are some presentations on these buildings, which are often in sub-optimal condition. Real owners have little access to capital, maintenance is often delayed and operational efficiency is not emphasized. During economic downturns, market rents do not justify the construction of new rental units – but they often support the efficient ownership and operation of existing properties.

As a vertically integrated company, Mainstreet Equity shifts to a new acquisition, like a well-oiled machine. Its own renovation division brings structural improvements, increasing both energy efficiency and street appeal.

Under the MainStreet brand, buildings are more effectively managed, taking advantage of cost-saving features, including remote monitoring and maintenance alerts. Using the central management capability, Main Street puts units back into the rental market. Instead of receiving the rent that justifies the investment, these standard qualifications allow renters to operate the property efficiently.

By July 2019, Mainstreet owned and operated 12,898 units and a warehouse, with a market value now exceeding $ 2 billion. About 57% of the portfolio is located in Edmonton, Calgary and Latebridge. The remainder of the rent is divided between British Columbia (Vancouver / Lower Mainland BC) and Saskatchewan (Regina and Saskatoon). Mainstreet Equity has geographically consolidated middle market rental stocks in many of these markets, leading to higher operational efficiencies.

As Alberta’s business climate continues to improve, the company can’t help but be drawn to the success of its company’s anti-investment and refining strategy.

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