Qualcomm introduces a new chip for the 2020 smartphone

By this latest this chip, the dream of a 5G smartphone will come true. Smartphone cameras will be even better and new display technologies like HDR with Dolby Vision will evolve. For the past several years, Qualcomm Snapdragon chips have been dominating the smartphone world. This year we have also seen the Snapdragon 855 Sirius microchips from Google Pixel Four XL to Samsung Galaxy Note Ten.

Now the new 865 chip is not only 25% faster than the previous chip, but its speed in the 5G is 7.5 GPBS. It also has a Spectra 480 image sensor that processes two gigapixel photos or video every second.

This chip also makes it possible to watch 720 pixel video at 960 frames per second. Above all, consumers will also be able to enjoy Dolby Vision on their smartphones, but remember that 5G technology will be available in early 2021.

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