Make Summer Vacations at Home This Year

Summer time brings dreams of hot weather, long days and holidays in beaches or new cities. But when your vacation is canceled, what happens if you are budgeting to afford a new home, or travel is not possible because we still need to stay at home?. For that the answer is simple, “Make summer vacations at home this year”. Whether it’s creating a spa in your bathroom or converting your dining area into a restaurant, here are some simple and fun accommodation ideas you can use to transform your home into the last summer vacation.

Make a spa in your bathroom

One of the most popular stay ideas is transforming your bathroom into a spa. Fortunately, you do not have to sacrifice comfort during your stay. With a few minor changes, you can easily step back into your bathroom or en suite.

1. Clear any visible anti-clutter

Make sure your bathroom is clean and free of any dirt on the counter tops. Now is the best time to throw out any old products and clean your space as much as possible.

2. Light candles and spread oil

Whether you have extra candles in the cabinet or prefer to use essential oils, now is the time to bring them out. Samples of lavender and bergamot essential oils will help bring this spa to your home. If you want a beach atmosphere instead, consider lighting a coconut vanilla candle.

3. Splash on facilities

While having a spa day in your bathroom may not seem like the most luxurious holiday at home, it can be with some new towels, clothes, and other spa favorites. Spreading out nice towels will add a luxurious feel to your usual bathroom and you may even choose some spa accessories from your favorite local spa to make it feel like a holiday.

Decorate your room in a lounge

Maybe you are spending a lot of time in your living room these days and are getting used to this view. If you are looking for a more unique look for a stay, consider updating your living room. With some re-coating tips, you can transform your living room into a new place reminiscent of a hotel lounge.

4. Re-arrange your furniture

Rearrange your furniture in a way that gives your living space a new lease of life that you never thought possible before. Try moving your bed to a room or pulling some lounge chairs from another room in your home. You can easily create a new look by moving around the furniture in your living room or by consulting an interior designer.

5. Change pillows, drapes and decorations

Enhancing your existing decor is an easy way to upgrade your room and make this holiday feel. Think about changing a pillow cover or blanket into something more colorful. Another easy exchange is to change your bookcases by showing a trunk from a past vacation or adding some travel books to your coffee table.

Turn your dining area into a restaurant

This is one of the simplest, yet most trans-formative ideas. By simply changing the feel of your dining room, remind it of a nice restaurant or a cafe you find on vacation.

6. Add flowers or plants to make a centerpiece

Arrange a beautiful flower arrangement with your favorite flowers or get some flowers from your backyard so you can get to the interior of your kitchen. If you have access to a garden center, choose some plants that will remind you of your favorite summer vacation spots to create colorful centerpieces for your dining table.

7. Use your regular dining room and great dishware

When was the last time you ate in your regular dining room that was not for a holiday or special occasion? Treat your stay like a special occasion and eat in your dining room. Even better, use your good dishware as if you were eating dinner at a five Star restaurant.

8. Transform your outdoor space into a comfortable dining area

When you vacation at home, don’t forget to sell outdoor tables at your favorite restaurant. Adding a seating or dining area will increase your stay. If your outdoor tables have seen a better day, spend an afternoon cleaning this furniture or adding a new coat of paint or roca to these well-loved dining chairs.

Spruce up your backyard

Whether you live in a condo in Dallas and have a small courtyard, or you live in Phoenix with a large backyard and a pool, a few fists to make your backyard feel like a resort Easy updates can be made throughout.

9. Refresh your garden with new plants

Make your backyard feel like paradise by planting some new flowers or greenery. Whether they are combining seasonal plants or experimenting with a new flower like a garden, they will feel like paradise and give new life to your backyard. If you don’t have a green thumb, contact your local landscaping company to turn your garden into a tropical paradise.

10. Upgrade your outdoor furniture

Whether it’s re-paneling your adorn deck chairs or buying some new outdoor cushions for your pools, changing your outdoor furniture can make all the difference. If you mean to invest in a new patio table or a comfortable hammock chair, what better time than your stay?

11. Light your backyard with lights

By adding some new lights to your backyard or patio, it will upgrade the evening of your stay as soon as the sun sets. The options are endless, from simple LED flashlights to professional customized light scenes. Adding light will make your backyard feel like a magical holiday and keep you warm.

Turn your bedroom into a hotel suite

For many people, escaping to a comfortable destination and staying in a nice hotel is a great part of the holiday. You can easily turn your existing bedroom into a luxury escape with a few opportunities in your existing decor.

12. Switch your bed linen

Chances are you’ll save some spare linen for the occasional guest, so it’s time to break them. Changing your existing bed for fresh clean clothes will help create a relaxing feel of a resort during your stay.

13. Spend the night in your guest bedroom

Better yet, if you’ve got a spare bedroom, plan to spend the night here. Without guests, your spare bedroom may be unused, so use it as your dedicated hotel room. You will take a break from your routine and wake up to different scenes without changing anything.

14. Update your framed photos with holiday photos Decorate your recent decor with photos of the remote places you plan to visit this summer, such as a beautiful national park. When you enjoy a vacation at home, print your favorite photos, or previous vacation photos, to remind you of your favorite beach or evergreen forest.

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