How to Strengthen Relationships During the Pandemic

One question I’ve asked countless times over the years about strategic relationships has been one of nature versus nurturing. Did this person create a relationship builder, or did he raise skills, knowledge, and behaviors through their upbringing, developmental education, or workplace development?

With less frequent physical visits due to epidemics these days, how can businesses develop business relationship skills, knowledge, and behaviors? An important question for all of us in this crisis and beyond is how we choose to identify, nurture and maintain our digital relationships. Here are three key pointers in moving your relationship forward:

Know Thy Candid Self

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. Some of our comrades are proportional additions. Others that we communicate between our ecosystems are still more socially secure. Many people we talk to in our daily zoom sessions are optimistic, while others are anxious.

I always like to be around naturally curious and stay away from cautious people. With every relationship conversation, we understand ourselves better. We adjust and compensate for different scenarios. When we encounter relationship conflicts at work, struggle with political jockeying, or feel the support of a coach / mentor, it strengthens us in our engagement with others.

The key to personal and professional development through your relationship is clear self-awareness. One of the most important features of growing and enhancing your digital relationships knows who you are, who you are not, the types of relationships that grow you, and the people that consume your life.

Collaborate to Make the End Result Profoundly Stronger

I have long believed that cooperation is a waste of time. Self-defense is one of the human instincts. With more self-awareness, it’s ideal if you can move your digital relationship from pure self to shared results.

Like the rest of the world, I am terrified of my healthcare teams on a daily basis, who not only keeps their health and fitness on the line but also collaborate in extraordinary fashion.

Don’t Confuse Digital with Interpersonal

I never understood the traditional wisdom of building walls between your personal and professional relationships. The rest of the world builds personal relationships, from where they do business. Unfortunately, most Western economies are so focused on sales, project plans, or purchase orders that we forget the individual stories behind each one.

As our lives have become increasingly digital, we want to find opportunities to interact and govern. As an example, I recently went to a private friend and neighbor to get a check up and see what he was doing and what he was watching. He suggested that since he lives on the road, he can walk, and with a physical distance of six feet between us, we can catch him personally.

This spark is a regular “light wine and cheese front porch” with one or two visitors at a time and with distant friends, colleagues, neighbors, our children’s school parents, investors, board members, and clients. Has changed to ” We need physical interaction because it helps us to be more serious and able to listen, empathize and respond to others more effectively.

What is important to understand is that this epidemic is with us for a possible future. It will challenge many of our assumptions, from the environment to education, and how we define work. It will continue to strive to embrace many industries.

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