How to share access to your Wi-Fi without giving a password

Did you know that Internet users can share their Wi-Fi connection with others without providing a password?

Using the Internet to share passwords with guests, friends, and strangers from time to time requires theft of your WiFi, which can lead to the loss of your internet data but also to annoy your friends.

In this race of technology, there is a solution to every problem. So, how can it not be possible to remove the accuracy of the users so know that now the QR code can be accessed via WiFi without displaying the password. Access can be granted.

There are websites for converting WiFi passwords to ‘QR codes’ that can be searched on Google, go to websites like and select ‘WiFi Network’ or WiFi Login. Enter the Wi-Fi network name, enter the password, choose WPA, then a QR code can be created which can be downloaded easily.

Take the QR code of your WiFi password ready, keep a soft copy of the QR code and give it to the loved ones who will be able to connect easily without a password.

This feature came out two years ago but the success ratio was not good after this technology has been further improved, making the process easier, more efficient and via new websites and apps.

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