How to Best Take Advantage of Any Extra Time

In the spirit of optimism and trying to find the silver lining, there are many things that every individual, and especially a business person, should do at one point or another, but given the traumatic nature of these activities. They are often overlooked. Now that we are all working from afar, and business may be slowing down due to the crisis, it is time to visit these activities.

Here are six key steps in each entrepreneur’s journey that we can now take with extra time on our hands:

Do competitive analysis correctly

Competitive analysis or market research is one of the most important steps in the journey from idea to business. Knowing who you are against, who your other market players are, who is winning and who is losing is essential information without which your chances of success are significantly reduced.

The fact is that this research is not fun, it is annoying, time consuming, and requires your full attention. Now is the time Use search engines, use industry resources, and use social media. Determine who else is addressing the same pain point, who is targeting your target audience, and who is promising a value proposition like yours.

Set up your team’s CRM cleanly and effectively

Relationships are the key to business success and if you don’t access your contacts in a systematic way, once things start to scale, you’ll find yourself panicking.

Now that you don’t go to the office every day, talk to your colleagues to find out which CCM is right for your needs, and get to work. View your emails, your messages, and all your company communications, collect all your contacts, and organize them properly into your new company CRM. This will be very useful below the line.

Configure your company social media accounts

By now, you’ve all heard of how your company should be on Twitter and LinkedIn, but who has the time to find a related image, write a bio, and start sharing content? Who has the patience to follow people and research how to engage?

Good luck to you; we have a lot of time now. Now it’s time to get on the social media train.

Rebuild your website so it aligns with your current mission

Of course you may have heard that your website needs some tweaking and optimization, but redesigning the website is a massive project for which you did not have time easily. Now is the time to make sure the site is relevant to what you are telling your users and investors.

A website that is obsolete is a big red flag and as the face of your company, now is the time to give yourself a face.

Improve your pitch and public speaking abilities

You can be a CEO or even an engineer in your training, but at one point or another, you will need your company. Now is the time to learn. There are numerous online resources that can teach you more effective communication techniques, whether public or in the art of good lift pitch.

Contact your partners and customers

This is the beginning of a lifetime of madness, so you may email your partners and customers regularly. Maybe you can send a nice gift before the holidays. The last time you called to check in and get some feedback on what your client thinks things are going.

Instant phone conversations can be invaluable in stabilizing a relationship and may even be marked. It’s time to dump her and move on.

The current situation is not easy, but now is the time to change the task list you created earlier this year.

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