8 Ways to Promote Your Public Page for Increase Sales

Imagine a website that receives no commission and connects you directly with interested buyers. The Artwork Archive saw how beneficial this would be for artists and created a public page. This is your own polished online portfolio that’s ready to be shared with potential buyers and collectors. And whenever you update your Art Archive archive inventory, public page artworks are updated instantly.

So, how do you get the word out in another terrific way to share your art? To help you get your results, we’ve put together eight easy ways to promote your public page.

Add the Link to Your Email Signature

Signing an email is an easy way to keep your art business in mind at all times when you send an email – whether or not it is related to art. So, add a link to your public page to your signature so your contacts can easily see more of your work.

Display the Link on Your Website

Your artwork archive public page works together with your artist’s website. Just like your Facebook or Twitter, this is another place where future buyers and collaborators can see and interact with your art. Artist painter Lawrence Lee links to his public page at the bottom of every page of his website, with the “Archives and Existing Works” button. Lawrence has already sold over $ 20,000 worth of art from his public page.

Introduce Your Public Page on Your Blog

Write a blog post introducing your public page as a more polished, easy way to view your artwork. You can also add a link to your page with a call to action at the end of each blog post. An example might be: “Check out my current work” or “Browse my creations here.”

Include the Link on Your Business Card

Add a link to your public page to your business card so new contacts can discover your craft. This is perfect if you do not have an artist website or do not regularly update anyone.

Share Your Business Page On Social Media

Many artwork archive members are already sharing their public page on Facebook, and seeing big results. So, (social media) run it through the roof! Just paste the link in your bio or create specific posts for your public page marketing.

Show Your Public Page to Interested Art Lovers

If your art comes up in a conversation, this is a great opportunity to share your art with people. Since your public is available on any device, people can view your art on your smart phone, tablet, or laptop. Whether it’s an art event or a coffee shop reindeer, you’ll have your own online portfolio ready. You can even open your public page on a tablet at your art fair booth, so potential buyers can see more of your work.

Promote Your Public Page in Your Newsletter

You can write an announcement introducing your public page with a screenshot and a link to a section of your newsletter. You can add a link to your contacts and an action call to view your page at the bottom of each newsletter.

Exhibit Your Public Page on Discovery

You can display artwork that you already show in your public page on Discovery. Art buyers and our ever growing collector base can then contact you to buy the work. You handle the transaction and keep all the money. All you need to do is subscribe to the artwork archive and mark the four pieces as “public”.

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