The longest walking path in the world

Have you ever wondered what a long way to go on a dirt-filled planet that is capable of walking and with no obstacle or sea?

It has been estimated that the route is 14,000 miles (23,000 km) long and begins at one of South Africa’s extremes, ending at one of the most remote and extreme climatic conditions in northern Russia. happens. If one walks at a normal pace, it will take 3 years to get from one end to the other. In this way, it is the longest walk in the world that goes through a steep slope.

There is no place on the route where the water or the river comes, and there are paved roads and bridges along the way. The route begins in La Aglias, a coastal region of South Africa and ends at Magadan, Russia. Anyone who wishes to embark on this path must carry with him clothing and supplies for rainy, snowy, desert and dry areas.

Although this route has been in the eyes of geographers for a while, this map has now been reviewed by all the obstacles thanks to modern maps technology.

Along the way, there are also livestock-rich rain-forest and various types of places. As you enter Russia, severe snowfall and weather conditions may be encountered.

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