The habit of lying to parents’ child can fail child: research

If you want your children to be successful human beings and be able to deal with problems and changing circumstances in real life, then do not lie to them in addition to other personality development strategies. ۔

“So, otherwise,” brother “will come and eat you,” and many such false phrases not only here and in the world but often in frightening or customizing intimidating young children around the world. Are used.

Psychologists have discovered that repeatedly lying to their parents can have a very negative impact on the personality of children who, at a later age, give rise to the thought of escaping difficult situations in these children, as they struggle with life. They also face severe difficulties in dealing with and experiencing changing circumstances. Not only that, but as they grow up, they become accustomed to lying to their parents.

The study was conducted in the psychology department of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, in which online questionnaires were filled from 379 local youths. Each questionnaire consisted of three parts: The questions in the first section were related to whether or not their parents lied to them when they were children, and if asked, how little or how much; Whether or not he lied to his parents after becoming an adult; in the third part, it was revealed how he faces the challenges facing older people today.

The young people whose parents used to lie to them in their childhood, as they grew up, began to lie to their parents.

But, even more worrying was the fact that adolescents who were lying to parents during their childhood, faced many problems in their practical, professional, and personal lives that were not true parents’ children.

For example, in their moods, selfishness, opportunism, mistrust and stupidity were seen as well as feelings of guilt or lack of emotion. In other words, they must have complained about their failures but they did not realize their mistakes.

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