Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography is new job in this decade. All real estate business ideas have nothing to do with real estate itself. Some, such as being a real estate photographer, involve marketing the property.

Real estate photographers take photographs of homes for sellers or landlords that are then posted online as part of a marketing campaign.

As a real estate photographer, your times are often determined by the number and size of houses you have to shoot in a day. Larger homes require more photos and therefore require more time.

Many real estate photographers want to keep their business in their homes, though most of the original work will be in the same location as the photographer.

If you want to differentiate yourself and your service, you may want to include drone photography or video in your service portfolio.

In many areas, drone photography is an important part of contextualizing the property and displaying luxury properties, fields and large parcel properties.

You will need to invest in high quality photography and lighting equipments and sophisticated editing platforms to ensure that your photos will look the best in the property.

Work with the homeowner or real estate agent to make sure the house is properly prepared, cleaned, landscaped and staged. The long haul will go a long way in making your photos look great.

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