A creative man turned the containers into a beautiful home

AUSTIN, Texas – Will Brieks, an American designer and architect, has demonstrated his art in a completely different way: he has put together 11 containers used for shipping on ships in a 3-story house Has changed.

Although the house is still incomplete, McGowan Street is receiving grandfather sightings through Houston.

Regarding this wonderful idea, Briax says that every human being has the freedom to think and act according to personal choice and dislike. When they thought of separation, they came up with the idea of ​​building a house with shipping containers.

First, he designed the entire 3D design and walkthrough of the house on the computer, after which in 2017 he placed the containers in a specific setting in his home. Then they got themselves involved in the work and started doing it a little bit. Today, after two years, this house has been substantially completed.

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